About James Williams Q + A

James Williams is a young man with autism. He currently lives in Northbrook, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Since 2000, he has been lecturing around the country on autism. The presentations and essays he has written can be found on the website www.jamesmw.com.

This blog enables individuals who want to ask James Williams their questions or comments about autism to do so over the Internet. Their questions will be published and so will his answers. Hopefully these questions, comments, and responses will not only help the people who answered the questions but the people who read them.


11 Responses to “About James Williams Q + A”

  1. candi Says:

    Hi James!!!

    I was talking to a lady who has an adult son with autism and she asked me to mention jim sinclair, who is big with the autreat and wondered if you were associated with that organization also. So, I looked for your site and saw your handsome profile and found out the most recent activities you are currently involved in.
    How is your mom and sisters?? Is it hotter than the hinges of hell there also?? When are you coming to the Detroit area? Have a good rest of the summer, say hello. Candi and Lin

  2. James Williams Says:

    I do not have any plans currently to return to the Detroit area. I do not have any associations with Autreat and have never attended that conference, but I am familiar with that organization and support what they do.

    • Craig Says:

      I am Craig from MTT (VizZle). We met at the OCALI conference in Columbus and went to dinner at Martini’s with Terry who is also with MTT. I gave you my business card.
      We can help you out. We will help you out with your business cards and other. Please e-mail me.

  3. Candie Says:

    I have a 22 year old autism daughter
    She gets upset about anything I try to calm her down nothing works unless I leave the room she fine she cry over little things.
    I need advice seems no one wants to help me
    Thanks for listen

  4. James Williams Says:

    I will respond to you via e-mail as there are many things I have to share to give you advice…and I have many things to share with you!

  5. Leanne Says:

    Hi James,

    I have a 5 yr old boy with Autism. He is very high functioning and intelligent. He is doing very well in his supportive preschool and loves to go there. He’s very friendly and seeks social contact all the time. But he has very oppositional behaviour at home. We don’t understand why the difference. Can you help? Thank you.

  6. James Williams Says:


    It’s James Williams.

    I have been quite busy at two different conferences, but I did read your blog post.

    What you have described with your son is quite common for someone with autism. Many individuals with autism can be very compliant in school but not at home. Conversely, some people with autism can be compliant at home but have oppositional defiance at school.

    The reason for this is because school and home are two very opposite environments. And schools are run very strictly–he probably is actually not enjoying school either but conceals his frustrations in school. However, he might engage in such behaviors at home because, after having to deal with the struggles at school, he emotionally collapses. He might be so angry in school, but unable to express it, scapegoats his anger at home. Or maybe, both enviroments are difficult for him, but he is able to vent out his frustrations at home, but not in school.

    There is a very strong difference between the environment of school at home. One environment is adaptable, the other is usually not. And this makes all the difference.

    You should try to see if anything is bothering him in the preschool. Maybe he is struggling but is concealing his struggles, which are being shown in the form of the defiance at home. Or maybe secretly he’s angry that you sent him to that preschool and he feels he’s “getting back” at you for it–I sometimes felt that way growing up. There’s actually a classic scene in children’s literature in the Ramona series of books by Beverly Cleary where Ramona says to her mother, “If you love me, why do I have to go to school?”

    When I was homeschooled, I was compliant at home. But when I returned to school in the second grade, I became very oppositional defiant at home. The reason was that during school, I was routinely mistreated and felt misunderstood. But I could not tell anyone in school. I could, however, vent out at my parents. When my parents finally pulled me out of school and homeschooled me, I was no longer defiant to them. In fact, since they saved me from what I perceived as going to prison, I was thankful and much more compliant to them.

    Good luck with your child. Hope this helps.


  7. alexiswinter793gmail Says:

    Hello. James

    Robert Winter and Theresa Winter.
    Winter Family.
    Alexis has Autism.

    Have a great day at work.
    Thank You.
    The Family Café.

    Form. Alexis Winter

  8. James Williams Says:

    Alexis, thanks for responding, and it was great to have met you at the Family Cafe this year!

  9. Michele Wolff Says:

    James – I was a graduate student under Lynne Stansberry-Brusnahan at University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. I currently work at a high school with a student with autism who aspires to do what you are doing for the field of autism. Not only does he want to share his story, he wants to share information with others about autism. Is there any opportunity for you to meet and greet this student next time you are in the Minneapolis area?

  10. James Williams Says:

    Hi Michele!

    Lynn Stansberry-Brusnahan and I know each other very well, and we present together at many events. I have actually given many guest presentations in her classes.

    At this point, I do not have an upcoming trip to Minneapolis, but I can definitely try to plan something potentially in January. Let me know what your students’ availability is, as well as what location you are based in the Twin Cities area. My E-mail is also jmw820@comcast.net. Feel free to write to me about more details.

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